About me

Alex JohnsonHello, I am the author of WartRemovalHelp.com, Alex Johnson, and I had several warts. I had 16 in total, including 4 on my right hand and 10 on my left hand and 2 genital warts.

Most of these warts didn’t really bother me as they weren’t very noticeable, unless someone was really looking closely. There were also other warts that I could not see, or that were too small to be really noticeable.

However, most people could easily sow the 5 biggest warts on my hands and wrists.

Of course, I wanted to remove my warts and enjoy a much more attractive appearance, but found it hard to picture myself without the unsightly warts.

However, it is possible, and you are that much closer to having great looking skin and no warts if you decide to act positively about your wart situation.

I amassed plenty of knowledge about removing warts and wanted to share this knowledge with anyone else who has the same problem. After researching different treatments, I created WartRemovalHelp.com.

I feel strongly that I am more likely to remain free of warts and less likely to be affected by them again during my life, if I inform and educate as many people as possible about how best to remove them.

Please feel free to take a look around my website and of course, I will be glad to answer any questions.

Please feel free to share any proven methods of removing warts that you might have or ask any questions that you might have about safely and effectively removing warts.