Do You Get Warts From Frog Urine?

Warts From Frog Urine

Do You Get Warts From Frog Urine?” is a common enough question but it is all based on urban legend. No, frog pee would not cause warts to develop on the skin.

Common warts are generally caused by a virus called HPV or human papillomavirus which can infect the skin and cause cauliflower looking growths on the feet, hands, face and even the lips.

These are highly contagious and it is quite common for one family member to infect another like the feet. In fact, sharing the shower area with a family member who has a wart on the foot or both feet can infect another member also on the feet.

FrogGoing back to the question of “Do You Get Warts From Frog Urine?” there is no truth to this at all. In fact, urine of the human is considered a natural wart removal therapy, gross as this may sound.

The urea or uric acid found in urine is a recognized compound which could effectively kill off the HPV virus.

And going back to the discussion on the frogs, they can pee tons on the skin but they would not cause warts to develop. Maybe the confusion has something to do with the wart-like growth on the skin of the frog, but as that is their genetic makeup, there is no reason why a human can get converted into a frog.

Just remember that the common wart can be transferred from one person to the next if the hygiene is not maintained, if the body’s immune system is down, or if the skin has cuts and breaks which the virus from another person have easily invade.

Once there are warts growing on the skin, just treat it accordingly with over-the-counter medicines formulated for removal of warts or rely on effective natural therapies which can remove them painlessly and effectively.

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