Does Wartrol Work On Lips Warts?

Filiform verruca

Many who have warts on lips ask if Wartrol works on lips warts if the wart that developed on their lips was obviously transmitted by someone who had genital or anal warts.

Basically, warts on the lips are seen as cauliflower formations which protrude on the corner of the mouth and it can be quite irritating. Those individuals who perform oral sex on someone who has genital warts can get infected, even if the man is using a condom.

Now, many can say that warts on the lips are not necessarily an STD in origin, but regardless, it is still a highly contagious thing and can spread fast simply through the skin on skin contact. So if a person has a wart on the lips and they scratch on it then go about the day doing their daily tasks without washing their hands, they can already transmit that virus to another, easily.

Wartrol work on lips warts, if it is a genital wart in origin, otherwise no. there are other medicines which can address a common lip wart but it is important to first consult with the doctor before using them for these can burn the skin. 

HPV genital warts on lips

If the wart is not properly diagnosed and the individual simply uses a salicylic acid solution, they could experience some complications like burning, scarring and infection on the injured area. It is very important to consult with a doctor before buying any medicine, even if it is a proven one like Wartrol.

This is the only way that the wart on the lip is really of genital wart origin or a simple and common wart. Once the proper diagnosis is made, the doctor can prescribe a medicine which should make short work of the virus.

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