For How Long Genital Warts Get Worse Before They Start to Get Cured?

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One consistent or frequently asked question online in connection to genital warts is: ”For How Long Genital Warts Get Worse Before They Start to Get Cured?” This is a question that not only is misleading, but it shows how misinformed a lot of people are.

First off, let us examine the first part of the question: For How Long Genital Warts Get Worse. This is a question that many believe to be based on fact. There are a lot of people who claim that the condition worsens when they go through the treatment.

Truth is, the condition does not worsen. What happens is that when the treatment first begins, there are already warts that are on the verge of erupting but have not yet erupted.

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When the treatment begins, those warts which are already visible immediately reduce in size and finally disappear WHILE those which were just about to come out are just preparing to come out.

When they do, the person immediately thinks their condition is getting worse. It is not true!

Second, let us examine the second part of the question: Start to Get Cured. Again, this is a question based on misinformation or the lack thereof.

There may be treatments to address the presence of warts in the genital and anal area, but:


All treatment to remove warts only remove the presence of warts, but it does not in any way get rid of the virus that caused the sexually transmitted disease.

Once the body is invaded by the virus, it is there, FOR LIFE!

What can be done to avoid the eruptions from recurring is maintaining hygiene and making sure the body’s immune system is strong. However, that person can still infect others they have contact with sexually, even if they are using condoms.

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