How To Remove Filiform And Digitate Warts At Home

Filiform warts pictures

Filiform warts or Digitate wart is also known as Veruca Filiformis are commonly seen in any parts of the body where your skin is thin especially on the lips, chin, nose, and eyes. It is a long visible wart with a slender like appearance.

It is long and is often named as “stalk-like” wart or a “finger-like” wart. It also looked like a toothbrush bristles.

Filiform warts pictures

The causes of these warts are usually from a virus called Human Papilloma Virus. The virus will enter the skin surface when injured and the virus will be able to live for a longer period of time without producing any kind of symptoms.

Though warts can disappear on their own without treatment, this is no guarantee. There still many people suffers from this kind of warts for years and even decades.

But the question is: how to remove filiform and digitate warts at home?

Treatment of filiform warts is easy if they are benign. Because these warts are more common in the face and neck, make sure you talk to your doctor first before using any over the counter medications. It could ruin your face or leave a scar forever.

The usual medications given by doctors are salicylic acid, 5-fluorouracil, and trichloroacetic acid. These chemicals are effective when used alone or in conjunction with other different methods such as cryotherapy, surgery or laser. Your physician might prescribe you medications to increase your immune system to decrease your chance in re-infecting gain.

Warts, especially on the face like filiform warts, have been known to cause depression and low self-esteem especially to women and young adults.

There are different ways to treat warts (home remedies such as aloe vera, papaya, pineapple contain enzymes that could dissolve warts.) but to play safe, it is usually best to consult your physician first before using any product that could be harmful to you.

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