How To Use Wartrol? It’s Quite Simple!


It is one of the famous herbal products that are used to treat genital warts. This product is an over the counter drug that you could buy without any prescription. Though not everyone wanted to go and see a doctor and have each wart remove by hand by your doctor, some opted out to buy over the counter drugs and some of them used home remedies. How to use wartrol against genital warts?

Like in many herbal remedies, wartrol is usually made from 100% natural products. This does not contain any harmful chemicals that could irritate and gives side effects. Wartrol comes in spray form, cream, dropper and in the oral preparation. When infection is great, oral preparation is best for proper absorption and quicker effect. Continued use of Wartrol product may cure your genital warts.

Wartrol at homeTo best use wartrol, you need to choose between which kind of preparation you wanted to use. In spray bottle with the liquid preparation inside, all you need to do is to spray it three times a day under your tongue. The reason for this is that there is increase absorption of the product if sprayed under the tongue. The cream preparation is simple, all you need is to wash your hands and your genitals perfectly with soap and water and apply it by the use of a cotton buds or a tongue depressor to the affected area.

Oral preparations are not as common as spray and cream type but taking oral preparation in wartrol is quite easier but less effective due to the fact that it takes longer to absorb the medication.  In dropper preparation, all you need to do is to drop at least one to two drops of wartrol under your tongue for faster absorption. The product contains alcohol in it and some of the users report a slight discomfort of the taste. You may be able to dilute the wartrol preparation in water.

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