Is Fluorouracil a Good Home Remedy for Warts?


Some people online have asked if fluorouracil is a good home remedy for warts. This is a misleading question because fluorouracil is not a homeopathic alternative; it is a prescriptive medicine and so should not be used for self-medication.

Fluorouracil as a good home remedy for warts is not a home remedy. It is the generic name or a chemical compound synthetically produced to treat conditions of the skin which undergo a lot of multiplication. These rapidly multiplying cells include warts and skin cancer. The fluorouracil acts against the DNA and RNA of these cells which activates the production of more cells successfully halting the production. After continuous use, the remaining cells die.

The drug comes in cream and solution preparations and only doctors can prescribe it for the treatment of the skin conditions including skin cancer, psoriasis, and genital warts. The application of the drug would really depend on how the doctor prescribes it.

Now, as a ‘good home remedy,’ it is true that it is effective, but again, it is important to remember not to use the drug without first consulting with a doctor and getting their prescription.

The drug can damage the fetus if a woman using it were pregnant. The drug is easily absorbed into the skin and directly into the blood.

There are some individuals who are sensitive to fluorouracil and they may experience some sort of hyper-pigmentation to hypersensitivity. In others, the persistence of use can cause scarring and secondary bacterial infections.

So for those who are contemplating the use of fluorouracil as a good home remedy for warts, think again. This is a wrong move to make and it is important to first consult with the doctor. The good news is, this is prescriptive medicine so it would not be easy to buy it, although there are warnings that some sites on the web sell the drug indiscriminately.

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