Natural wart removal – You really should get rid of them

Warts on hand

As you look into your hands, thinking that everything has no flaws. Until suddenly you’ve seen that small grayish bump protruding through your skin. These natural wart removals are the home remedies that might help you whenever you don’t have enough budget to pay for surgery or check up.

There are numerous home remedies to choose from in order to remove that disgusting small thing hanging through there. Natural wart removal has been used for years until their time of discovery.

Castor OilThe first natural wart removal that can help you remove such material is by the use of castor oil.

All you have to do is to pour some of it on cotton then pat it on the area of the lesion.

You should do this for three times a day to give you an efficient effect.


GarlicAnother home remedy is through the use of garlic.

Crush a piece of garlic into pieces then put it into the area of the lesion.

Make sure that you won’t put in on the sides for it may cause your skin to burn.


Apple cider vinegarAnother stuff that you can use is an apple cider vinegar.

It is said that the acid coming from it destroys the wart itself.



Banana peelBanana skin can also be used for the natural wart removal.

Cut a piece that would fit into the lesion then fix in with a tape so that it won’t loosen and go down to the floor.


Duct tapeAnother stuff that you can use is the duct tape.

Duct tapes are the most commonly used remedy for the natural wart removal.



Lemon juiceLemon juice is another remedy.

Its mechanism is just like the vinegar’s state of being active.



OnionAnother remedy is through the use of onion.

Onions are known to cause irritation on the skin thereby putting some of it through the lesion.



Having a skin free of the lesion can be very pleasing to your eyes for there’s nothing bothering you. This natural wart removal will definitely help you ease that disgusting thing out there giving you a healthy and young looking skin that would everybody loves to see.

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