Plantar Wart Removal: Various Treatment Solutions

Plantar warts

In this short article, you will get familiar with various methods to remove plantar warts. Plantar warts that also known as verruca plantaris are growth underneath your feet and can be immensely painful because of being pressed every now and then.

There are 2 types of medicine you can get for plantar wart removal: prescription type and natural medicine that doesn’t require the prescription and can be easily ordered from the internet and delivered right to your front door.

So let’s start with non-prescription solutions.

Wartrol  It is our only the most effective and popular treatment for plantar warts. It’s a natural homeopathic remedy so it has a major advantage of taking the medicine orally rather than touching the infected and painful wart areas topically. Our professional tests show 92% success rate for this treatment which means 92 people from 100 have successfully removed warts, the time frame was anywhere from 3 weeks and up to 4 months. Wartrol is a really good solution if you are looking for a guaranteed long term result. Apart from our tests and reviews, there are loads of positive customer testimonials can be found on the internet so it’s a highly recommended treatment.

Now let’s get on with the prescription type medicine

Prescription MedicationApplication of podophyllum resin paint is drawn on to remove benign growth such as warts. This type of medication can be attained trough doctor’s prescription for this type of topical drug is having the qualities or effects of a poison. The next medication is Imiquimod. This type of drug is one of the most expensive wart treatment that aids your immune system to battle against the viruses that cause warts. Another good drug is Bleomycin. It is an antibiotic produced by a certain kind of bacterium that is used to treat other specific condition.

The third is Fluorouracil, which works fine. This drug is also utilized for treatment of cancer and you should be carefully diagnosed by the doctor before starting to use it. The last drug on the list would be the Salicylic acid which can be purchased over the counter that is commonly prescribed by a dermatologist to treat that outgrowth.

Liquid NitrogenPlantar warts treatment is not only confined to prescription medications, hence, one of the fastest ways to get rid of it is through cryosurgery.

Cryosurgery involves the application of tremendous frosty to do away those obscene warts. It can also be used to pull out tags, moles, keratoses and other certain types of skin diseases.


Surgical curettageThe next method is through surgical curettage. Surgical curettage is a minor procedure that involves the scrapping of tissues.

The third method is what we call Keratolysis. As the name implies, this procedure entails the removal of unnecessary dead skin surfaces with the use of salicylic acid or other chemicals.


Laser surgeryThe most expensive plantar wart treatment is through laser surgery. This type of cure can be the most high-priced and painful.

This procedure works by blotting out tissue and skin and it takes several sessions to complete the said management.

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