Prevention of Genital Warts

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Although it might not be entirely possible to avoid or prevent getting genital warts, if you don’t try and exercise the necessary caution you will be leaving yourself open to it more.

On the other hand, no matter what you try you might still get genital warts. That doesn’t mean that your preventative measures failed.

It could just mean that either you or partner had it beforehand and that you were unaware of it. Or it could just be that you were more susceptible to it.

It could also be that your immune system is weakened due to any number of reasons which can make you more liable to contract genital warts.

Also, like I mentioned earlier, if you have another sexually transmitted disease or HIV-AIDS or even cancer, genital warts could just be another symptom of this larger underlying cause.

Here though, I’ve listed a few of the methods of prevention that you might want to look into in order to prevent genital warts from occurring. Some of them might not be conducive to your lifestyle, but at least trying some of them can’t hurt.

  • Celibacy
  • Having a monogamous relationship is conducive to preventing or avoiding HPV
  • Not starting sexual relations at a young age
  • Wearing condoms when having sexual intercourse
  • Using a spermicide during vaginal sex
  • Use of dental dams during oral sex
  • Avoiding sexual intercourse with a partner who is infected, this includes oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex
  • Not using the same towel, clothing etc., of a person who is infected
  • For women, having an HPV vaccine before you become infected (in most cases it’s best if you get the vaccine before you become sexually active)
  • Having a healthy lifestyle (this includes cutting down on some things like cigarettes, alcohol, refined sugars and meats amongst other things)


My first thought on hearing this particular preventative measure was laughter. After all, not many people can take celibacy as a serious option for the prevention of genital warts.

However, when all is said and done, this is still the best method of prevention not only for genital warts but also for other sexually transmitted diseases. The real challenge comes in trying to keep your vow of celibacy!

For my part I have to say that I tried it and don’t like it all that much. In fact my personal best for staying celibate was a record breaking six months.

Obviously if I had tried harder maybe I could have gone on for eight months, but it was difficult going as it was.

A Monogamous Relationship

Having a long term monogamous relationship is one of the best ways to avoid getting any of the sexually transmitted diseases, and this is just as true in the case of genital warts.

Although, I have to say that the problem that arises here, is that if ether you or your partner had sexual partners before your present relationship, genital warts are still a problem that could crop up.

And if your partner had genital warts beforehand, since it doesn’t completely leave the infected person for a few years, then you still have a chance of developing it yourself.

Not starting sexual relations at a young age

Beginning sexual relations at a very young age (this is normally defined as being in the early teens) has been known to be a factor for contracting genital warts.

Abstaining from this or only beginning sexual relations at a later age can help in preventing genital warts from occurring.

Wearing Condoms

The use of condoms although not an absolute fool proof method of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases can significantly reduce your chances of getting genital warts.

Although, if your partner has genital warts and you’re still having sexual intercourse, you should be aware that even though you might be using a condom, it might not cover all the infected areas.

For instance, if the warts are located on the thigh area then a condom definitely won’t adequately protect you from infection.

This means that you still have a chance of getting genital warts if you come into contact with any of the affected areas.

Use of Dental Dams

If you engage in oral sex you might want to think about using dental dams or condoms to stop you or your partner from getting infected.

Again, these are not fool proof methods and the best thing that you could do would be to abstain from oral sex as well as other forms of sexual intercourse.

But if you do engage in oral sex and your partner is infected with genital warts the use of dental dams could be something you want to look into.

Avoiding Sex with an Infected Partner

The best preventative method – next to celibacy of course – is to avoid having sex with a partner who has been infected by genital warts.

Obviously if you or your partner don’t know that he/ she has been infected then it can prove to be slightly difficult to follow this preventative measure (that’s why celibacy is the best method!).

And if you’re aware of the possibility of genital warts only after the fact – after your partner shows signs of being infected – here again, you will have trouble with this preventative measure.

That’s why a medical visit is recommended to check for possible STD’s if you have now, or have had, more than one sexual partner.

Not using the same towel, clothing etc.

If you have genital warts, then you can help to stop the infection from spreading to others by keeping your towels separate. Make sure that no one else uses your towels, and until the warts have been cleared, wash them separately.

This also applies to any items of clothing which you may normally not think twice about sharing. Anything that comes into contact with infected skin should be kept separate.

The same applies to when they are being laundered. Keep everything separate and run them through a separate wash cycle as well. I always recommend using the hottest cycle possible as this will go far in killing off any germs or bacteria.

Or if you don’t mind the hassle, and if your clothes and towels can stand it, I tend to soak clothing in boiling water first.

Obviously care needs to be taken not to burn yourself into the bargain, but a pair of heavy duty gloves along with a little bit of common sense can take care of that.

If you’re going to use a boiling water soak, you don’t really need to handle the clothes or towels, but the gloves will keep you protected when absentmindedness might set in at the wrong moment.

To avoid spreading the warts to other areas of your body, wash your hands every time they come into contact with infected skin areas.

When drying off after a shower, if you pat the infected areas dry with a second towel, which you should then put to launder immediately, you should have a successful chance of stopping the virus from spreading.

This might entail a few more washing loads than you would normally do, but the rewards far outweigh the effort needed and is something that you can do of your own accord to stop the infection from going any further than yourself.

By doing this you also eliminate the possibility for there to be any last lingering traces of the infection anywhere on your personal belongings. This is good in that you know that you can’t become infected again because of carelessness.

Having a healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean that you need to exercise and cut back on certain things. It means that if you have recurrent genital warts like I did, that you will have to just about turn your lifestyle around on its head.

Exercise is good, but you will also have to factor in such things as a less stressful way of living, reduced alcohol and cigarette consumption, and healthier foods.

You will want to reduce such things as refined and processed foods, red meats, sugars and caffeine to a very large extent.

Including such foods that will give your immune system a boost should be your main goal, with maybe a detour here and there for a cheeseburger with a side of fries!

Water in large quantities, or more than we normally take in now, is a good thing to look into as is including the necessary vitamins and minerals into your diet.

To combat genital warts, some vitamins and minerals are needed above the others. These include Vitamins A, B complex, C and E. Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Zinc.

I’ve included a short list of the foods that you can eat which include these, but you can also take them in supplemental form.

Vitamin in particular can be used as a natural remedy to help clear up genital warts. You will find evidence of this in some of the natural remedies I’ve given, in the genital warts treatment guide.