Safe Warts Removal With These Popular Home Remedies

Warts Removal Home Remedies

A wart, when left to its own devices, is more often than not fairly benign. However, if they are painful or bleed when bumped, or are just an eyesore in a highly visible area of your person then they can become somewhat bothersome.

Warts will often disappear on their own without any intervention on your part – but this can take weeks, months, or years, and in many cases not at all. Over the counter remedies can be haphazard at best, with reports ranging from spectacular success to just a waste of time and money. Before exposing yourself to chemicals of unknown origin it’s often cheaper and more effective to implement a few tried and tested home remedies. Home remedies have the advantage of being all natural and pose no risk to your health, with many users swearing as to their effectiveness.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar is the Swiss army knife of home remedies, with reports of it being effective in treatments for everything from acid reflux to high cholesterol. Others have also testified as to its effectiveness in removing warts.

A popular method is to use medical tape to fasten a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar to the wart overnight while you sleep. While reports vary, with some saying that warts disappeared in a single night, more credible evidence suggests that this treatment is most effective if used over the span of at least a month.

Castor Oil

Castor OilCastor oil is another home remedy for wart removal that is popular amongst the home remedy crowd. Treatment is much the same as that used with apple cider vinegar. While there are quite a few who will tell you that Castor oil is just as good as apple cider vinegar the number of devotees is not nearly as many as are in the apple cider vinegar camp. However, this could simply be related to the fact that more people have apple cider vinegar readily available, as it is a common ingredient for cooking.

A Potato

PotatoesWhile not as popular a remedy as the above two, many home remedy enthusiasts will tell you that rubbing one half of the inside of a cut potato on a wart will eventually cause it to disappear.

Although there are not as many reports about this remedy there is still more than enough to warrant at least trying it. The upside of this is that you still have the other half of the potato to use in the garden for even more potatoes later on.

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