Success Curette Plantar Warts

Plantar wart

In plantar warts and in any other kind of warts, surgery is usually the last resort to face. The prognosis and success curette plantar warts are quite effective these days. But one should not be complacent due to the fact that warts could re-infect again anytime and anywhere especially when your immune defense is low.

Untreated plantar warts are contagious and it could spread in your entire feet. There are many options to remove warts and one of them is curette.

Untreated plantar wart

A curette is one of the methods done to remove warts; this is done together with electrosurgery. You won’t be able to see the scars when done properly and perfectly.

Curettage means to shave or to scrape those unwanted warts. It is done with equipment called curettage which is quite similar with the appearance of a spoon. Another instrument to be used is a scalpel. Scalpel is generally used to cut the wart around it.

Usually, the doctor will apply a local anesthetic to the affected wart. It could be injected or a topical cream. The incision will be made around the wart then the curette will be used to get the entire wart from the base.

Electrosurgery is also used in conjunction with curettage, in this case, after the curettage procedure, the doctor will then use an electrocautery machine that will burn the root of warts to prevent re-growth.

One of the advantages of curettage is that it is effective especially when used in conjunction with electrosurgery. The disadvantage of this process is that when the location of the warts is difficult such as the rectum or inside the vagina.

When dealing with genital warts, it can only remove warts itself but it cannot treat the HPV infection which is the main cause of the growth of warts. Even if the warts are removed, but the infection of the virus is still present, warts will continue to grow.

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