Symptoms and Treatment of Digitate Warts (Filiform Warts)

Threadlike wart

The term ‘digitate warts’ is actually a layman’s term for filiform warts or verruca filliformis. These are usually found in thin skin parts like the lips, eyes, chin and the nose. There are long and slender finger-like structures which are clearly visible. Some of them are stalk-like and short, but there are some which are really long.

Symptoms of Digitate Warts

Because the growths protrude significantly from the thin skin, these often bleed. The bleeding occurs often among men who have to shave their faces and the blade they use can cut the protrusions. There may also be some mild itching and when scratched they can get red. However, these warts are usually painless but as they are viral in nature, they can spread to other parts of the body if they are constantly rubbed or scratched. For men who do have the warts, it is recommended they use an electric shaver instead of a bare blade.

Treatment of Digitate Warts

The best and most basic precaution is through personal hygiene. Those who have good immune systems may not suffer from these warts and if they do, these disappear after only a few months without treatment. Thos who do get them should seek immediate treatment for it can spread rapidly. Obviously the best to consult are the dermatologists who may or may not prescribe some over the counter topical solutions. But if the condition is worse than normally seen, they may include treatments like liquid nitrogen, surgical excision and electro-cauterization which are all geared towards the removal of the warts without causing the virus to spread indiscriminately.

For those who suffer from this skin condition, it would be recommended to prevent others from using the same face towels. This is a viral infection after all and it can spread through skin contact should the other have a low immune system.

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