True or False: ”Genital Warts is Not for Life!” – Read the Facts

Genital Warts

There are a lot of things said about genital warts online. If you are reading this, you may mislead to believe statements like “Genital warts is not for life!” You need to read the facts before you think that this statement is true. It is definitely not true.

Many people actually believe that genital warts can be cured, but the truth is that the treatments are usually supportive and only removes the disturbing symptoms of genital warts.

It is very possible to get rid of warts but the HPV or human papillomavirus that causes genital warts will remain in your body, FOREVER!!!!

The statement “Genital warts is not for life!” is not only misleading, but it is also the main cause why people think that once the warts are removed they can have unprotected sex again. This is not true! The worst thing is, even when using condoms, the genital warts virus can still be transmitted to another.

Now, genital warts are sexually transmitted but this does not mean that it can only be transmitted through sexual contact. Again, this is a misleading assumption. Genital warts carriers can be asymptomatic or do not have any obvious warts showing up, but they can still be transmitted to others in the simplest manner.

Warts can be transmitted through simple skin contact, so if someone has a break, cut, opening or even just dry skin, the virus can enter the body. If the skin is on the fingers or lips, the wart can grow on the lip and the virus transferred to others should that person do daily tasks without washing their hands first.

Once genital warts are diagnosed by the doctor, there can be something done about warts but there is nothing to be done about the virus. Once there, it is dormant in the body, for life.

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